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Jesus, The Son of God

Jesus, The Son of God

Jesus, The Son of God   (Jesus the Boy, Temptations) . . .

Meet the 12-year-old Jesus who astonishes temple elders with His wisdom. Witness His triumph over Satan’s temptations in the wilderness.

"And a voice from heaven said, 'This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.'"
                                                              —Matthew 3:17 [NIV]

From the astute Rabbis in the temple to Jesus' victory over Satan in the wilderness, people often find themselves speechless when they come face-to-face with the wisdom of Jesus Christ.
This story begins with Jesus’ early yearsand follows with His triumph over Satan, marking the beginning of theministry of Jesus, the Son of God.

Main Characters
Joseph, Mary, Jesus [the boy], the Temple elders, Satan

Scripture References:
Luke 2:5-52, 4:1-14; Mark 1:12-13, 15; Matthew 3:13-17, 4: 0-10

Overall Theme:
Meet the 12-year-old Jesus who astonishes the temple elders with His wisdom and later triumphs over Satan in the wilderness.

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*Eng Subtitle - Jesus The Son Of God (SRT)

The story begins in 13 A.D. with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus journeying to Jerusalem for Passover. While there, they go to the market to gather supplies. Then, they wait outside the Temple to bring a sacrificial lamb to one of the Temple elders.

Joseph and Jesus take the lamb to the Temple altar where they find a Rabbi discussing the fate of a poor man who stole. Since the poor man cannot repay for what he has stolen, the Rabbi says the law states that he must be sold into slavery. The young boy, Jesus, questions how it is right to sentence a man to slavery when they are celebrating the Passover, which is about the Jewish people being freed from slavery.

As the Passover celebration ends, Mary and Joseph leave Jerusalem only to discover that Jesus is missing. They return to the city to find him counseling the elders at the Temple – amazing both the elders and His parents. Jesus returns home with his family where he grows strong with spirit and is filled with wisdom; the grace of God is upon Him.

Jesus, the man, becomes a carpenter like his earthly father, Joseph. The story then shows us the son of God fulfilling God’s will through baptism and then fasting 40 days in the wilderness. While there, Satan tempts him three times. Jesus remains strong in spirit and rebukes the devil each time. God finds favor with His son and sends angels to minister to Jesus.

Jesus then returns in the power of the spirit into Galilee and there went out a fame of him through the entire region round about.

Jesus, The Son Of God - Animated Bible Story. Mp4 DOWNLOAD
*Eng Subtitle - Jesus The Son Of God (SRT)